Harassment and Inclusion Training for Today's Teams

GoodCourse is where TikTok style content meets expert made learning paths - to build safer and bias-free cultures.
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It's about culture, not compliance.

Harassment and inclusion are no longer “tick-box” exercises. They’re a critical part of your culture, one which is shaped every day by your people. Every interaction is an opportunity to advance - or undermine - safety and inclusion.

From preventing sexual harassment to managing unconscious bias, GoodCourse equips your team with the skills they need to create a safer, more inclusive culture.
The ability to tailor expert courses for our staff is really powerful.”
Becky Egan
Head of Diversity and Inclusion
Freeths LLP

Training has been outdated for too long.

Let's face it - compliance training has a reputation worse than a soggy sandwich. Mind-numbing, un-relatable content leaves people tapping through half asleep.
This is a problem. Creating a high performing cultures free from harassment needs engaged learners and continuous learning. That’s what we’re here for.

Legally compliant  courses, inspiring teams to be their best.

Build a safer and more inclusive campus

Courses built for Gen-Z
TikTok style micro courses created in partnership with academics from the leading universities.
10x your engagement
Deploy hyper engaging courses straight to students phones - no logins required.

Engaging content, built to change behaviour

Courses built to capture attention
Tired of chasing employees to take compliance training? In a world full of distractions, engagement is everything.
Expert crafted learning pathways
Built to equip your teams with the skills they need to foster a harassment-free and inclusive workplace.

Why we need harassment and inclusion training.

It’s been well proven that diverse and inclusive teams are better setup to deliver for their clients, and benefit from above-average profitability. But we also know the scale of the problem with workplace bullying and harassment today, and that >70% of workers who experienced harassment or discrimination, didn’t even report it.
Reputational damage, legal fees and settlements are just the obvious impacts. Negative workplace cultures also lead to a loss of talent, decreased productivity and innovation, and ultimately lower profitability.
Settlements &
The number of employment tribunal claims lodged is increasing every year
50% of employees say a bad workplace culture has impacted their productivity
55% of people have previously left a job due to a bad workplace culture

A training platform purpose built for modern teams.

Awesome admin tools
Enrol learners in the click of a button and sit back while we chase up the stragglers.
Real-time insights
Use our beautiful dashboard to track completion and learning outcomes.
HRIS Integrations
We fit seamlessly into your workflow, integrating with your existing HR tools.
Maximise completion
Micro-courses optimised for to win the fight for attention and change behaviours.
Say goodbye to logins
With our magic links, learners access training in the click of a button - no logins required.
Tailor messaging to your learners - to what matters to them & why your training’s relevant to their world.

Don't take it from us - our clients know best.

Whether you're personalising a course, want help with the perfect course roll out, or just want to learn more. Our team are here to help, every step of the way.
4.9 out of 5
Delighted clients & learners worldwide
“GoodCourse is by far the best method we’ve used to train and engage our students.”
Phil Vickerman
Pro-Vice Chancellor for Student Experience, Liverpool John Moores University
“GoodCourse’s content is very powerful. Real and relatable examples spark thoughts and prompts you to ask questions”
Becky Egan
Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Freeths LLP
“GoodCourse provides an ideal way to deliver training to busy staff - on your phone, as many of us are used to.”
Kulbir Shergill
Director of Social Inclusion, The University of Warwick

Frequently asked  questions

How often is content updated?

Current events and constantly evolving legal frameworks, means those training courses you've been rolling out for the past 5 years - are as unfit as they look. Our content is updated every 6 months, with input from leading academics.

What data can I track?

Everything. For every learner you enrol in any course. Engagement per card, channel engaged via, completion rate, hang time, and more. Integrate GoodCourse with your HRIS to hold one source of truth.

Can you personalise courses?

For sure! Our expert-made content that can be quickly tailored to suit your needs. Plenty of companies use our platform & authoring tools to tailor micro-courses to specific scenarios, pertinent to their organisations.

What about ongoing learning?

That’s what Learning Pathways are for! Traditional methods are one-off in nature; now, you can make training and change ongoing with quarterly micro-learning courses delivered straight to your learners.

Are courses legally compliant?

Crafted in conjunction with leading experts, courses are designed to help organisations build positive cultures which means complying with The Equality Act 2010, The Human Rights Act 1998 and other associated laws and regulations, is a breeze.

Do we have to download another app?

Most definitely not! For learners, there are no apps, no logins, and no passwords to remember - enrol learners using magic links in the flow of work via existing channels.


The future of training is here, are you ready for it?

Tired of chasing your learners to complete dull training? Let's speak today👇
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Trusted and loved by the world’s best teams