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Win the Fight for Attention

Traditional e-learning sucks – it’s not engaging, it’s not accessible, it’s not fun. GoodCourse exists to enable learners to👇
Enjoy learning experiences that look and feel like the social media apps we use everyday.
Learn in the flow-of-work on the channels we use everyday, like Slack, Teams, Email or SMS.

What if training didn't feel so much like work?

Training doesn’t have to be boring. Deploying it doesn’t have to be a pain. GoodCourse was created to bring smart technology, engaging content, and a bucket load of personality.
Inspired by dopamine hits we're served up by Insta and TikTok, our course content speaks to everyone from Gen Z to Baby Boomers and beyond. Real-life scenarios and interactive quizzes engage employees, which turbo charge knowledge retention and build safer organisations.
We’re a team of dreamers with a shared passion for building better, safer and more inclusive workplaces, and we make training that actually works.

Learning enthusiasts, dedicated to building a more inclusive world

We know you give 100% everyday, and we know sometimes it feels like a never ending fight. We may not be there in the trenches fighting with you day to day, but rest assured we're a text, call or email away.

Our team of learning designers are dedicated to creating a fairer and more inclusive world. And whether you need a bespoke course, help with learner onboarding or just want to chat - we've got your back.
“Working with GoodCourse has been very good - consistently from the moment we first spoke.”
Emalyn Turkington
Training & Education manager @Nexus

We are backed by the most renowned ventures

Guided by our values

Execution First We work with speed & consistency - actions, not ideas, make the difference.
Raise the Bar. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards and help each other do the same - by sharing approaches & optimisations.
Do the right thing. We’re honest, kind, and guided by integrity in every decision we make; with one another, with our customers, with everyone.
Perseverance. We have sustained passion for the difference we can make. We’re persistent, resourceful, and positive.

A global team on both sides of the pond.

USA Office
1111B S Governors Ave #6105Dover, DE 19904
UK Office
3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London. EC2A 4NE

The future of training is here, are you ready for it?

Tired of chasing your learners to complete dull training? Let's speak today👇
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