Build a safer and more inclusive campus.

Harassment, behaviours, and inclusion - all well proven to have a huge impact on a student's success. Leading universities use GoodCourse's micro-learning platform to train and engage students at scale.
Higher engagement vs usual courses.
Students trained on crucial topics.
Completion rates without mandating.
“GoodCourse is by far the best method we’ve used to train and engage our students.”
Phil Vickerman, LJMU
PVC for Student Experience

Satisfy regulator requirements and improve student retention.

Higher Education regulators across the world are increasingly demanding providers deliver high impact, high engagement harassment & inclusion training to all students - creating a logistical and cost nightmare for administrators.
And it's no surprise - the stats show that student safety and inclusion are two of the biggest factors impacting student outcomes.
Satisfy regulatory requirements by meeting students where they are with GoodCourse - TikTok-style micro-learning built for attention and impact in today's busy world.

Created in partnership with industry leaders.

Research-backed and evaluated training is crucial to ensure impact and return on investment. GoodCourse partners with leading institutions to ensure sector-leading content is delivered to every student.

When industry leading research meets groundbreaking learning design - real change happens.

Courses on the most pressing topics

Train students on harassment and sexual misconduct - to meet the new OfS conditions of registration
Online / Offline harassement
Types of sexual misconduct
Active bystander training
Single policy document
Consent training
Support for victims
Reporting harassment
Freedom of speech
Raise awareness around free speech, academic freedom, and engaging across difference
What is acadmic freedom
Free speech on campus
Understanding others
What's ok and what isn't
On campus examples
Challenging ourselves
Tips to manage differences
Links to resources
Deliver crucial consent training to all students - going well beyond what's simply 'legally required'
Nothing better than a YES
Checking-in with partners
What is consent
Consent and the law
Ways to ask
Supporting others
Accessing support
Knowledge test
Why don't we say anything? Train students on how to intervene safely when they witness something
The bystander effect
Why speaking up matters
The 5Ds
Accessing support
Harassment on campus
How big of a problem it is
Reporting harassment
Knowledge test
Looking for something specific? Our Content Team does collaborations to build bespoke content
COURSE collaborations INCLUDE
Prevent duty
Study skills
British values
Referencing techniques
Campus climate
Student success resources

Make change like never before

Track the Impact
See rich analytics evidencing engagement, learning outcomes, and data split by demographic.
Tailored for You
Have the GoodCourse Content Team tailor our expert-made content to your institution - your students deserve it.
Stupidly Easy
Deliver hyper engaging courses via multiple channels, followed by intelligent nudges - all automatically.

The all-in-one platform built for today's students


How your students engage is evolving. Fast. Keep up & make impact with GoodCourse.

Higher engagement vs usual courses.
Course content is refreshed 2x a year.

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Contact us here so we can help.
What topics are other universities focussing on?

Behavioural topics that are crucial to student success & safety, and often overlapping with regulatory requirements (such as the new OfS conditions in England). Things like harassment, consent, speaking across difference, and more.

How do students receive a course?

Student engagement is a huge challenge on campuses across the world. Removing all friction is crucial to winning the fight for attention - GoodCourses are delivered via text and email using a magic link (no apps, no logins).

Our student demographic is different to most...

Most universities tailor GoodCourse's content and messaging to fit the characteristics of their students. Mostly international students? More mature students than traditional 18-21 year-olds? No problem.

Can we learn from how other universities use GoodCourse?

Absolutely. Our Product Team provides sector benchmarking data and best practices around messaging, timing, and generally achieving sky high student engagement. You're not alone.

How can the content be both relatable and expert-made?

Thank our Content Team wizards and awesome sector-leading partners for that. Deliver research-backed training your students will love - relatable, quick, action-oriented, and more.

What about data security and privacy?

GoodCourse follows best practices regarding security (encryption in transit and at rest, role-based access etc.) and our DPA enables you to meet your privacy obligations. Accessibility? Got that covered, too.


Training built for today's students

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